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Add:Room 410, floor 4, unit 1, building 2, no.588 jitai road, high-tech zone, chengdu, China (sichuan) free trade experimental zone

About Us

As one of the professional and efficient PCB/PCBA service providers in China, we have been committed to providing service for domestic and foreign high-tech electronic enterprises and scientific research units.The products are widely used in LED energy saving, communication, automotive electronics, network equipment, industrial control, computer applications, national defense, aerospace, medical and other industries, and has been unanimously recognized by customers.

Since the company was founded, the scale of rapid development, currently has a factory area of more than 60,000 square meters, the company mainly produces multi-layer high-precision express sample, small and medium-sized batch board, the company's main business: multi-layer board samples.Multilayer board production.The monthly production capacity of aluminum substrate, ceramic plate, double-sided aluminum substrate, single and double panels, LAYOUT, SMT, copy plate, change plate and so on can reach 200000 square meters, with monthly shipment of 60000 balance.It has set up sales offices in Beijing, Shanghai and guangzhou, and will gradually set up sales offices in nanjing, wuhan, chengdu and export department for the comprehensive development of domestic and foreign markets.

The company has passed iso9001:2008, the United States UL, ROHS and other certification, and from the United States, Japan, Germany, Israel and other imports of a large number of advanced equipment, effectively improve the manufacturing process capacity of the factory, so as to ensure the reliability of products.Through the unremitting efforts of the company's research and development team, we have successfully developed and completed a number of technical innovations such as high-rise backplane, high-density impedance board, HDI board and mechanical micro drilling.The company has a mature process technology, experienced engineers, first-class management team, the use of high-quality raw materials production, and the introduction of ERP system for production management, for the production of multi-layer high-precision circuit board laid a solid foundation and strong quality assurance.

Company to produce quality products, environmental protection and energy saving, return to the community's management purposes.We take talents as the basis of our company, regard product quality as the life of our company, and provide customers with the best quality products and the most satisfactory service.